Legal advice

Drawing on our knowledge, competence and experience, we offer you a personalised and customised service by giving comprehensive business management advice. Our cooperation partner and lawyer, Mr Achim Schumacher, has broadened the range of advisory activities offered by the consultancy network LUDWIG CONSULT to include legal advice.

If any legal issues should arise, this collaboration offers you prompt and well-founded legal advice, all the more important as the complexity of tax and commercial law as well as the related areas of business, financial, corporate and labour legislation demand in-depth specialised knowledge in order to find suitable solutions.

Mr Schumacher was most recently employed as Head of the EU Legal Business Development Group at Amazon in Luxembourg, where he was in charge of a team of 14 lawyers. Before that, he worked as General Counsel Europe for an industrial subsidiary of General Electric Inc. and as Legal Counsel (authorised signatory) for Siemens AG, Munich.

Mr Schumacher has up to the present time advised companies of various sectors and legal structures on the subject of Luxembourg, German and international commercial and corporate law. He has comprehensive knowledge and experience in the areas of compliance and government relations.

Mr Schumacher speaks English, French, Spanish and Italian fluently and is more than happy to assist you above all in cross-border projects.