Business startup and business advice

Business startup
When a business is starting up, it is particularly important to be in possession of all the necessary information and to be advised on opportunities and risks. In order for you to have enough time to put your ideas into practice, we take care of the tax planning and funding options.
Essential components in this process are the preparation of an investment plan and profitability forecast. Many greenhorn mistakes and delays can be prevented by doing this.
We work together with public funding bodies, chambers of commerce and trade associations to explore the right options for each individual case.


Business advice

Business management advice
The complex subject areas of business management, tax law and company law overlap. We support our clients in these areas and make recommendations for rationalisation.

Wealth transfer
Business and family relationships are many and varied, but so are the options available to transfer wealth and regulate succession in a company. In order to safeguard the existence of the business and ensure the satisfaction of all those concerned, we develop tax-saving plans and examine contracts in respect of their tax implications.